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Since January 2015 the doors of its first store opening in Mauritius, we have served the market achieving recognition as battery experts have been formed and secured strong commercial ties with leading corporate and public sector undertakings by representing world renowned brands for Automobile and Stationary Applications  for various stored energy applications, that meet the needs of the market and we have re-sellers AND BATTERY MASTER ONLINE ecommerce Platform to Serve all around island for Online Buyers.

One of the main objectives of BATTERY MASTER ONLINE has become stronger every day and strengthen leadership. It was not only batteries but selling to gain the trust of customers, strengthening relationships and creating a real business for them, developing markets.

BATTERY MASTER ONLINE is engaged in ecommerce retail and distribution sales to re-sellers and institutions,  selling all kinds of stored energy products.

BATTERY MASTER ONLINE featuring the true preference and trust of its customers, thanks to its extensive experience in the market and its various well defined characteristics, among which are:

  • A proven business success.
  • The unique concept of its kind in the Mauritian market.
  • A market with huge growth potential.
  • Quality products and brands.
  • Corporate image.
  • Market research.
  • Education and training.
  • Support and advice.

These and many more become the main keys to success BATTERY MASTER ONLINE today.




We are a business that provides solutions to Buy Battery Online and related products for Automobiles using our ecommerce portal, allowing our customers to save time and shop online with 3D secured authentication


AFTER leading chain of distribution in Mauritius in marketing portable power to end or business user clients, setting as many stores across the countries of our operations and that they all have identical characteristics to operate under the same policies and procedures are recognized for your kind and humane treatment. Our Services are Available online. Our aim is to lead the online market of offering multi-branded batteries across the major cities and selected countries, the first online store is launched in Republic of Mauritius.

At present, we have services in cities across Mauritius &  To facilitate our customers in choosing the right battery for their cars and other special needs we make it easy to find important details like warranty, price, technical specifications and features. We focus to help our customer save time and money. We offer extremely competitive prices, unmatchable and absolutely FREE delivery service with nominal fee for installation